ICF Challenge at Metropolitan: Feb 19-20

Metropolitan Gymnastics and the Iron Cross Foundation have partnered to host the ICF Challenge 2022 on the weekend of February 19-20.

ICF was started 15 years ago by a 12-year-old gymnast to help support other boys in the sport of gymnastics.   This is the 10th year of competition – and raises funds to support male gymnasts in a variety of ways.  ICF has offered non-competition-related scholarships, provided uniforms for start-up teams, supported the families of athletes injured in competitions, supplied training supplies for clubs, and supported teams impacted by flooding as a result of hurricanes by sending grips, apparel, and needed resources.

This year, we are adding an information session for athletes and parents regarding college planning.  Often athletes take for granted the time and dedication they put in every day as just part of their daily routine.  Speakers will be addressing the importance of using gymnastics experiences as transferable skills as athletes develop their college applications.  We will also talk about the post-high school options for competitive male gymnasts.   This session is free of charge and dinner will be provided.

Come and watch boys’ competitive gymnastics!   For more information – click here ICF Challenge 2022 – Meet information