Girls Classes

Recreational Girls – (Ages 5-14)

Gymnastics is a great foundation for any child and girls who participate enjoy the lifelong benefits of increased coordination, confidence and high self-esteem as well as physically fit bodies. The classes below are perfect for gymnasts looking to begin gymnastics for the first time or pursue a recreational track in the sport! Each class has a certain criteria required to graduate to the next level in our recreational program, if your gymnast is looking for a more competitive track, please check out our pre-team classes or look for team try-out opportunities posted in the gym.

Beginning Girls – (Ages 5-7) or (Ages 8-12) – 55 minutes We provide a fun and active atmosphere while we focus on women specific events (Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor) as well as trampoline! Girls will work on balance, strength, confidence, flexibility, coordination and patience! Each student will be challenged at her ability level and will experience the success that comes with hard work.

Advanced Beginning Girls – (Ages 7-12) – 90 minutes This class provides a place for gymnasts that have an understanding of basic gymnastics skills. It is equally useful to those who are interested in pursuing a more competitive aspect as it is to those who are interested recreationally. We focus on women specific events (Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor) and challenge each gymnast according to her ability and comfort level.

Intermediate Girls – (Ages 7-14) – 90 minutes Each class will provide the gymnast with an opportunity to improve their gymnastics skills! We will focus on women’s events (Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor), and often trampoline to increase coordination, strength, flexibility, skill execution and stamina! This class is great for any gymnast looking for a fun and challenging experience to improve their gymnastics skills.

Pre-Team Classes (Ages 5+ by invite only)

Pre-Team Level 1 uses the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Level 1 guidelines to teach young girls the fundamentals of competitive gymnastics. Level 1 gymnasts develop strength through apparatus work, learning JO Level 1 routines, and conditioning. Each of these classes are intended to be fun while maximizing the potential for each gymnast! Classes are held 2 times per week, and are intended to help athletes prepare for Junior Olympic competitive levels 2 and 3.  Level 1 gymnasts are given the opportunity to perform in 3 exhibition-type meets per season to show family and friends the skills and routines they have developed!