Hosted Meets

Meets hosted by Metropolitan Gymnastics

Girl/Women’s Meets

Pumpkin Fest Invitational

Meet Dates:  November 7th 2021 (Possible 6th)
Levels: Sunday: 2-5/Xcel
Fees: Compulsory: $75 Xcel: $65

The Pumpkin-Fest is a fun Level 2-5 compulsory & Xcel meet.  We celebrate the great art and innovations of the pumpkin!  There will be many fun awards and pumpkins!  Each competitive gymnast will receive a tote bag with treats.

Holiday Express

Meet Dates: December 10-12th 2021
Levels: Friday:3-5 Saturday:6-10 Sunday:2/Xcel
Fees: Compulsory: $95 Optional: $110 Xcel: $85

Holiday Express is designed to give WA gymnasts an early start for the competitive season.  Levels 2-10 and Xcel.
$200 Deposit Due October 1st
Full payment Due November 15th

Bunny-Hop Invitational

Meet Dates: March 11-13th 2022
Levels: Friday:3-5 Saturday:6-10 Sunday:2/Xcel
Fees: Compulsory: $95 Optional: $110 Xcel: $85

The Bunny Hop meet is for gymnasts from Level 2 through Level 5 & Xcel !
The Bunny-Hop is a great meet for everyone! The gymnasts receive great awards and stuffed bunnies. The coaches-parents-sometimes the judges get to do the bunny-hop!

Boy/Men’s Meets

Cold Turkey 

Meet Dates: in December
We would like to invite your team to compete at the Cold Turkey Invitational – an annual pre-season competition to get geared up for the season.  The Cold Turkey is competition for Boy/Men’s levels 4-10.  We also offer Boys Level 3/Exhibition competition.


ICF Coaches Cup

Meet Dates: in January

The ICF Coaches Cup helps support the Iron Cross Foundation while offering exciting competition for Boys Levels 3 (exhibition) – 10. The gymnasts earn AA awards and team champs head home with banners for their gym. Teams will also compete in the annual ICF Community Service challenge and the winning club will earn a special award banner.

Covid Rules

  1. Per Washington State guidelines for Competitions, only one adult may attend per gymnast under 18.
  2. If possible we will try to stream the competion online.
  3. Mask Wearing is Mandatory for everyone. Only gymnasts can remove masks on equipment during competition.
  4. Each gym must stick together, and keep social distance from other clubs.
  5. Judges will always stay 10 feet min away from everyone. Please respect their space.
  6. We will have cleaners to wipe equipment after each team on each event.
  7. Food for coaches and judges will be provided in a personal brown bags, no buffet style food or drinks.
  8. Achievement ribbons will be given to coaches at the end of the meet. Medals also will be given to coaches, but we will announce every gymnast’s placement. At the end of the meet, kids can take pictures with their medals in a designated awards picture area.
  9. We will have some items at concessions, but only packaged snacks and drinks.