Thursday, July 18, 2024

JN Girls Rock Out at the Battle In Bellevue



The Girls’ Junior National Boy’s Teams had a great showing at the Battle In Bellevue and our HOPES girls shined in their Elite Compulsory meet at home!

Below are the Top 3 finishes for All-Around and Individual events for each of the levels who competed.

Level 2

  • Juliet B. 3rd Place AA, 3rd place Beam
  • Penelope M- 2nd place Bars, Beam
  • Talia R – 3rd place Vault
  • Ryan W – 2nd Place AA, 1st place Beam, Floor, 2nd place Vault

Level 3

  • Olivia G – 2nd Place Vault
  • Madison O – 2nd Place Vault

Level 4

  • Mia R = 2nd Place Bars
  • Kathryn C – 3rd Place Beam

Level 5: 

  • Rosie F = 2nd Place Beam
  • Meagan B – 3rd Place Bars
  • Zoe F – 2nd Place Vault

Level 6: 2nd Place Team

  • Clara L 2nd Place AA, 1st Place Bars, 2nd Place Floor, 3rd Place Beam

Level 7: 2nd Place Team

  • Keyanna S – 3rd Place AA, 1st Place Vault, 3rd Place Floor
  • Jassi M – 3rd Place Floor
  • Olive W – 3rd Place Beam
  • Hanna B – 2nd Place Floor

Level 8: 1st Place Team

  • Amalie F – 3rd Place AA
  • Cordy R – 1st Place Beam
  • Amelia L – 1st Place Beam, 2nd Place Bars
  • Emilee W – 3rd Place Beam
  • Yury I – 1st Place AA, Beam, 2nd Place Vault, Floor
  • Jasmine D – 3rd Place AA, 2ns Place Beam
  • Janella V – 3rd Place Beam

Level 9: 1st Place Team

  • Addison D-E – 1st Place AA, Vault, Floor, 2nd Place Bars, Beam
  • Nevaehly O – 3rd Place Beam
  • Lilly P – 1st Place Bars
  • Finley Y – 1st Place AA, Beam, Floor
  • Hadassah R – 3rd Place Beam
  • Savanna P – 2nd Place Vault, 3rd Place Floor

Level 10: 1st Place Team

  • Kylee K – 1st Place AA, Bars, Floor, 2nd Place Vault
  • Amanda H – 2nd Place AA, 1st Place Beam, 2nd Place Vault, Floor, 3rd Place Vault
  • Lauren S – 3rd Place Beam