Thursday, July 18, 2024

MetroStrong Leotards Fundraiser

Hello Metropolitan Families!


Update! Due to the volume of orders we are extending the deadline to May 20th!

We just wanted to let you all know, we have special  leotard that we are making available for Fundraising for the gym while we are shut down.

This sale will helps us to pay some of our bills and be ready to welcome everyone back. Please help us to fundraise and keep great memories from how strong we are as team during this times.
The leo design and size chart are on this page. Price is  $45. Please submit your order to [email protected], payments can be made by Check or Credit Card. Orders must be submitted by Friday April 15th, 2020.
Click here for the Order Form: MetroStrong Order Form

Sizing Chart

CXS 20-22 19-21 37-39
CS 23-26 21-22 40-42
CM 26-29 22-23 43-45
CL 29-31 23-25 46-48
AXS 32-34 23-25 52-54
AS 33-35 25-26 55-56
AM 35-36 26-27 57-59
AL 36-37 28-29 60-62
AXL 37-39 29-30 63-65