Men’s Teams at Washington Open 2023

The Club and Junior National Boy’s Teams had a great showing at the Washington Open at the University of Washington in Seattle.  The meet was also a qualifying meet for the Region 2 team for the Elite Team Cup. We are proud to announce that both Jonah S and Alan S will be representing the region on our Elite Team Cup team at the end of February!

Below are the Top 3 finishes for All-Around and Individual events for each of the levels who competed.

Bronze: 2nd Place Team

  • Oliver H– 3rd place AA, 1st place Floor, Vault, 2nd place Pommel, 3rd place Rings
  • CJ E – 1st place Vault, 3rd place Floor, Pommel
  • Vinnie M – 1st place Pommel, High Bar

Silver: 2nd Place Team

  • Franklin G – 2nd Place Pommel
  • Enzo M – 1st Place Vault

Gold: 1st Place Team

  • Owen L – 1st place AA, Floor, Rings, High Bar, 2nd place High bar, 3rd place Pommel
  • Benny M – 3rd place AA, 1st Place Pommel, 2nd Place High Bar
  • Ben G-S – 1st Place Vault, 3rd Place Rings
  • Liam C – 2nd Place Vault, P-Bars
  • Griffin M – 1st Place Floor, 2nd Place Vault
  • Luca D – 3rd Place Floor, High Bar

Level 3D2

  • Liam P – 1st place AA, P-Bars, High Bar, 2nd place Pommel, Vault
  • Daniel B – 1st Place Rings
  • Isaac P 1st Place AA, Pommel, High Bar, 2nd Place Floor, P-bars
  • Tahir B 2nd Place AA, Floor, 3rd Place Vault, High Bar
  • Ethan C – 2nd Place Pommel, 3rd Place Rings
  • Harrison G 1st Place P-Bars, 2nd Place Rings

Level 4D1

  • Oliver  – 3rd place P-Bars
  • Yuya I – 2nd place AA, Rings, High Bar, 1st Place Floor, Pommel,

Level 4D2:

  • Janrich V 1st Place AA, Floor, Pommel, P-Bar, High Bar, 3rd Place Rings
  • Cameron K: 3rd Place AA, 2nd Place P-Bars

Level 5: 1st Place Team

  • Kellen L 1st place AA, Floor, High bar, 2nd place Rings, P-Bars, 3rd place Pommel
  • Lincoln K 2nd place AA Pommel, 1st place Rings, 3rd place Vault, P-bar, High Bar
  • Marcello R 1st Place AA, Floor, High Bar, 2nd Place Vault, 3rd Place P-bars
  • Daniel W– 3rd place Floor

Level 6: 1st Place Team

  • Brody B 1st Place AA, Pommel, Rings, 2nd Place High Bar, 3rd Place Floor, P-Bars
  • Will D 3rd Place AA, 1st Place Floor, 2nd Place Vault, 3rd Place Rings
  • Garth J-R 2nd Place Pommel
  • Derek V-2nd Place Floor, 3rd Place Pommel
  • Zach J – 2nd Place Vault, P-Bars, 3rd Place High Bar

Level 7

  • Tanner  -1st Place Rings, 2nd place Pommel, 3rd place Vault

Level 8: 3rd Place Team

  • Gabe S, 3rd place AA, 1st place Rings, 2nd place Vault, P-bar
  • Ray T – 2nd place Vault
  • Finn B– 1st Place Rings

Level 9: 

  • Sean H – 2nd place AA, 1st pommel 3rd floor
  • David B – 2nd High bar

Level 10: 2nd Place Team

  • Jonah S 1st place AA, Pommel, Vault, P-Bar, High Bar
  • Eli D – 3rd place AA, 1st place Floor, 2nd P-Bar, 3rd place Pommel, Rings
  • Aden H– 2nd Place Rings
  • Alan S – 2nd place Rings, 3rd Place Floor, P-bars