#GymnastsCare!   #MetroStrong

Metropolitan families continue the giving spirit.  We have packed more boxes for relief flights and are organized to process donations through today (Monday, March 7th.)  After today, we will direct individuals to appropriate donation stations.  We will continue to collect cash donations to help offset the costs of warehouse space and flight expenses for the ongoing humanitarian efforts in response to the war in Ukraine.   THANK YOU to all who have donated!!








On short notice, our gymnastics family has amassed donations of medical supplies, personal hygiene, and health items, diapers, sleeping mats and blankets, and non-perishable food to send on a relief plane to Ukraine tomorrow morning.  We are accepting donations (boxes helpful) through Monday, March 7th.  Consider easy-open packaging (think pull tabs and individualized pouches) and boxes with individually wrapped food items.   Not everyone will have access to can openers and places to cook.