JD: New Boy’s Competitive Division

Announcing new competitive gymnastics option for teenage boys (ages 12-18)!

USA Gymnastics has created a new competitive option for boys ages 12-18 called Junior Development (JD).  Metropolitan Gymnastics is proud to announce that we are offering this option with our competitive team.  JD athletes participate in 8 hours (2 afternoons a week for 4 hours) of practice each week (more days are optional) and will train and compete routines that highlight their specific strengths. 

There are two target populations for the Junior Development Division: 1) Athletes who have been competing in the Junior Olympic program and now have other time, financial, or physical restrictions; and 2) teenage boys who have always been interested in gymnastics, but didn’t start at the ripe old age of 6 years old.  This program allows both sets of athletes to train and compete with their age group peers and to have their own successes. 

If you know someone who may be interested in this option, please contact Coach Jeff Crockett.  Email him at info@metropolitangym.com ATTN: Coach Crockett .  We’d love to meet your gymnast and see if Junior Development is a good fit for him.